Nice to meet you

I’m Sanne Houwing and I freelance as an allround creative. I like to make beautiful things: copy, concepts, illustrations and props. For film and TV, for campaigns, games and your sister-in-law.

Nope, not gonna

In the past, I’ve been told I should choose: either really focus on art or copy, and program chatbots or build sets. But you know what? Doing all of it is just much more fun!


Yes, I make all kinds of good stuff! Menu cards, night lights, beachcombing dolls, birth announcement cards, animation dolls, miniatures, book covers, illustrations… Go have a look!

Want to team up?

As an all-round creative I have the best job ever. I get to make beautiful things and show them to the whole wide world. But it’s even better working together as a great team.

So, are you a creative and would you like to work with me as a creative team? You art me copy, the other way around, or some cool hybrid? Send me a message!


Sound studio Soundcircus has been specialising in finding and recording voiceovers for thirty years. But what’s entirely new is that they now also create voices using their Soundcircus Intelligent Speech System. And I got the chance to ask them all about it!